CommSoft Products

Customer Relationship Management

Brains, Brains provides an integrated CRM and contact centre solution. Providing valuable psychographic and demographic information on individuals and organisations and the relationships between them. Brains CRM can be expanded with Brains Contact Centre for call from a WAP enabled cellphone.

Communication Management Solutions

CallMaster, See caller response times to know just how available your organisation really is. CallMaster tracks callers and events then presents the data within reports that include past activity.

Hospitality, Add any charge to an invoice while telephone call charges are added automatically. Like everything else, payment details feed into clear, concise management reports. CommSoft Hospitality – making management easy.

Netmaster, You know what your Internet connection is costing you. But how much of that is for business use, and how much for your staff’s personal use? How much productivity is lost through non-business use? And can you identify which cost centres specific Internet use should be allocated to?

With NetMaster you can. Because NetMaster puts you in charge.

Connect Worldwide Bitcoin Exchange and Commsoft to automate your workflow. APIANT is a Cloud Based API Integration Platform for Citizen Integrators, Integration Professionals, IT Managers, SaaS Companies and Enterprises. Cutting-edge integration technology that allows apps to be connected and automated in minutes:

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