CommSoft Group Launches North America Distribution Operation

March 8, 2017 | | Comments Off on CommSoft Group Launches North America Distribution Operation

CommSoft Group, a leading provider of telephone and Internet management software, today announced it has signed an agreement with Sension, Inc., a US-based developer of call centre software solutions, to distribute CallMaster and NetMaster telephone and Internet management software throughout North America.

According to the terms of the agreement, which takes effect immediately, Sension will provide a full range of sales and support services for CallMaster and NetMaster.

“Sension’s presence in North America significantly enhances our worldwide distribution network,” says Mark Lunt, Managing Director of CommSoft Group.

“Sension is a solid player in the call centre management industry, with considerable experience and expertise. This relationship will efficiently deliver the benefits of the CommSoft suite of products to the considerable market in the U.S.A. and Canada.”

“This agreement gives Sension the opportunity to enhance the range of quality products and excellent support and training we provide in the communications management market,” says Mike Stephenson, President and CEO of Sension, Inc. “By leveraging CommSoft’s innovative products, Sension will can offer additional quality solutions to our traditional telephony customers, and to the emerging Internet management markets of North America. I think this will be a long and prosperous business relationship.”

NetMaster Features
NetMaster is CommSoft’s web management product, designed to help companies manage the costs of Internet use and to encourage responsible use of the Internet in the workplace. Unlike blocking software, NetMaster encourages responsibility, because if people know they are being checked they pay more attention to monitoring their own surfing. To control Internet use and costs, you have to know what is going on. NetMaster’s full range of reports tells you all you need to know about Internet costs by departments, work teams or even individual users. Reports available include:

  • Volume of email traffic
  • Which users are most active on the Internet, and where they are going
  • Most popular websites
  • The biggest downloads
  • The most expensive downloads
  • Busiest times of day
  • Busiest days of the week

CallMaster Features
CallMaster is CommSoft’s call management product, designed to help companies manage telephone costs. CallMaster offers a full range of standard reports and the option of creating customised reports. Companies know at a glance how many calls are being made, both inbound and outbound, including duration, source and destination. Costs of calls are automatically identified from comprehensive rate tables. Calls can be on-charged to other departments and with extensive reporting capabilities call costs can be examined. For example, the Top 20 reports show most often called numbers, most expensive calls made and longest calls made. CallMaster benefits companies by reducing call costs, improving employee productivity and better allocating costs.

Both CallMaster and NetMaster are available immediately from Sension, Inc. and authorised resellers.

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