Software Release Bulletin – Netmaster 2.4.1

March 8, 2017 | | Comments Off on Software Release Bulletin – Netmaster 2.4.1

Netmaster 2.4.1 is primarily a service release to allow version 2.4 to be installed on Windows 98 SE. This release also includes new features and bug fixes.

1. New Features

  • Windows 98 Support (Excludes login agent, exchange agent, web reports)
  • Ability to drill down to any groups in reports with PDF exporting/previewing
  • Ability to email report
  • Disk-low notification in Net Spooler
  • Install wizard for installation
  • Ability to record IMAP email sender addresses
  • Web Reporting interface now has a date range selection as well as predefined date range selection.

2. Upgrade from previous installation

For detailed information regarding upgrading from previous versions, check ‘Netmaster Upgrade.doc’ under the ‘Upgrade’ directory on the CD.

3. Other key fixes and improvements

  • Windows 2000 domain controller does not generate the user login events that are tracked by Netmaster 2.4.0. Netmaster 2.4.1 tracks new these events generated by Windows 2000 domain controllers, and handles user login properly.
  • MS Exchange 2000 server does not generate the logs records expected by Netmaster 2.4.0. Netmaster 2.4.1 tracks these new logs events, and is able to handles Exchange 2000 email transactions.
  • Improved reports CSV exporting filter. Now it exports multi-page report with correct columns.
  • Top X report correctly handles data volume larger than 2GB now
  • Improved POP email detection for certain POP3 email server.
  • When Login Agent is used, and PCs are shared by multiple users with frequent logon/logoff, it’s very likely that the last transaction for previous user is assigned to next logged on user by Netmaster 2.4.0. Netmaster 2.4.1 improved the assignment logic, and has the intelligence to correctly assign the transaction back to previous user.
  • When reports are scheduled, they are now printed to the selected printer instead of default printer.
  • Central can now maintain web sites in the “Adult” category.
  • Computer name can be edited in Central. This is mainly for the Mac and Unix environment where Netmaster cannot resolve the computer name from the IP address.
  • Central mailbox configuration screen has been changed. It now shows email address for the mail box, and removes the description field.
  • Central Domain configuration screen has been changed to significantly improve the speed when large domain list exist in the database.

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